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111.png  2017年6月14日周报价表222.png    2017年6月俄罗斯商场陈说    Market Report Russia June 2017.    Simon Grey  俄罗斯,独联体和欧洲区总经理    Simon Grey    General Manager Russia, CIS and Europe    simongrey@genesus.com    俄罗斯的猪价持续坚持在每公斤115卢布(2.01美元)的高位。运营杰出的出产商的出产本钱应当是每公斤65卢布(全部本钱)。一头125公斤重的生猪屠宰赢利可以逾越100美元。    The Russian pig Price continues to remain high at 115 Roubles ($2.01) per live kg. Good producers have a cost of production that should be 65 Roubles per kg (all costs). On a 125kg live-weight pig at slaughter means profits of over $100 per pig.    难怪还在缔造新农场!    No wonder the process of building new farms continues!    高收益当然极好。可是,随之而来将会有一个无穷的风险,自高自大!更多的新猪场意味着更多的生猪。在某些时分,更多的生猪将意味着商场饱满。制裁也不会永久持续下去。在某些时分,欧洲的肉类将会在俄罗斯上市。终究,猪肉报价将会跌落。    High profitability is of course very nice. However, it comes with one large danger, complacency! More new farms mean more pigs. More pigs at some point will mean market saturation. Sanctions also will not last for ever. At some point, European meat will hit the market place in Russia. Ultimately pig prices will fall.    很多俄罗斯公司以为高的猪肉出售报价是天经地义的。有人猜测高价将永久坚持下去,假如报价跌落,政府将直接支撑养猪户。当我拜访农场时,我听到了关于出产本钱的评论,但实际上并没有看到任何削减本钱的办法。    Many Russian business’s take a high sales price for pigmeat for granted. There is an assumption it will last for ever, and if and when prices do fall the government will give direct support to pig farmers. I hear talk about cost of production when I visit farms, but do not actually see anything being done to reduce it.    如今这一代的养猪户和猪场办理者从未见过低于出产本钱的猪价。在这种情况下,养猪常识或经历都没有任何可用的地方,没人了解实在的削减本钱!    There is now generation of pig farmers and farm managers who have never seen a pig price lower than the cost of production. There is no knowledge or experience of what can be done in that situation, no understanding of really cutting cost!    当猪价下降的时分,我现已看到了俄罗斯农场全部的经济学家、统计学家、管帐师、董事、律师和安全员的团队,核算并决议他们可以削减出产人员,中止采购必需品,或许不论质量怎么,采购能找到的最廉价的物资。可是,他们也会核算出添加自个这么人员数量的需求,由于低的报价意味着需求更多的办理!    When low prices do come, I can already see the teams of economists, statisticians, accountants, directors, lawyers and security that all Russian farms have, calculating and deciding they can reduce production staff, stop buying essential supplies, or buy the cheapest supplies they can find, regardless of quality. But, they will also calculate the need to increase their own numbers, because low prices mean more control is required!    关于那些不是来自俄罗斯的读者,阅读了这篇文章,是的,俄罗斯的养猪场有经济学家,很多管帐师、律师等…他们做啥?事实上,正如咱们别的人,可以在没有他们的情况下相同运营农场,答案是,我不太断定,他们的作业是除了添加本钱,即是使公司可以恪守俄罗斯的法令。我拜访过很多农场,那里有很多,乃至比实在和猪一同作业的人还要多的非出产人员! ! !    For those who are reading this and not from Russia, yes Russian pig farms do have economists, many accountants, lawyers etc.…… What do they do? In reality, as the rest of us can run farms without, the answer is, I am not sure, other than to add to cost and enable the business to comply to Russian legislation. I visit many farms where there are as many and even more non-production staff than people actually working with pigs!!!    本周,俄罗斯农业部长亚历山大·特卡乔夫在圣彼得堡经济论坛宣告主要讲话,宣告俄罗斯有必要瞄准出口商场,持续发展其养猪事务,并将主要的外国收入引进俄罗斯,以替代经济对石油和天然气的依靠。这是非常实在的。    This week Russian Minister of Agriculture, Alexander Tkachev, in an important speech at the St Petersburg Economic Forum, announced Russia must target export markets to continue to grow its pig business and to bring important foreign revenue into Russia to replace the reliance of the economy on oil and gas. This is very true.    为了变成一个净出口国,俄罗斯有必要在出产本钱上变得具有全球竞争力。我说到的很多养猪户都准备好迎候这一应战,但他们需求协助来下降公司的无穷行政担负。    To become a net exporter, Russia has to become globally competitive on cost of production. Many pig farmers I speak with are ready for this challenge, but need help lowering the massive administrative burden on their business.    当然,为了扩展商场和盈余,削减本钱还有另一个方法。即是进步销量和出售报价。这就需求出产的商品,大家想要采购更多,并且情愿为此付出更多的钱!    Of course, there is another side to cost cutting to grow markets and to make a business profitable. That is to increase sales and sales price. This requires producing a product that people want to buy more of and are happy to pay more for!    在欧洲和北美,猪肉的花费量非常的安稳。作为一个需求添加销量的职业,咱们显然是失利的。我不相信这真的是一个本钱疑问。英国这几年,外出就餐在食物上花的钱添加了50%以上。美国本年到达了这个基准。外出就餐比在家里自个煮饭要贵得多。当然,在咱们现代繁忙的日子中,存在着一个便当(或便当)的疑问。即使是这么,假如你看一下开车去饭馆,再开车回家的时刻,要比你自个煮饭花上更长的时刻。    In Europe and North America pig meat consumption is at best static. We are clearly failing as an industry to increase sales. I do not believe this is really an issue with cost. For several years in the UK, the amount of money spent outside the home on food is greater than 50%. The USA reached this benchmark this year. Eating out is much more expensive than making food yourself at home. Of course, there is an issue with convenience (or perception of convenience) in our modern busy lives. Even then, if you look at the time it takes to drive to a restaurant and drive home again, it would take longer then cooking something yourself!    欧洲花费了曩昔10年或许更长的时刻,添加在动物福利和环境方面立法,由于大家以为这是大家想要的。这些影响出售吗?零。假如这真的是花费者想要的,那么销量就会添加。一向在持续进行的查询,问询大家是不是情愿为被以为是规范的食物付出更多的钱。在一个政治准确的国际里,大家不再陈说自个的实在主意,答案是必定的。看相同类型的大家购物车里的东西,彻底不相同的内容。    Europe has spent the past 10 years or more increasing legislation on animal welfare and the environment, because of the perception that this is what people want. Any effect on sales? Zero. If this is really what the consumer wanted then sales would increase. There have been and continue to be surveys asking people if they would pay more for food raised to a perceived standard. In a world of political correctness, where people no longer state their real opinion of course the answers are yes. Look at the contents of the same peoples shopping trollies and there is a totally different picture.    如今,欧洲想要制止阉割。成果当然是在饭馆和商店里有更多带有公猪膻味的猪肉。这对猪肉花费有啥影响?只要一个成果,削减销量!咱们养殖动物的先人并不是由于喜爱摧残动物才开端阉割公猪、去齿和断尾。公猪被阉割,是由于很多人不喜爱吃带有猪肉膻味的猪肉。去齿和断尾是为了削减猪群相互之间的损伤。    Now Europe wants to ban castration. The result will of course be more pig meat with boar taint in restaurants and shops. What will this do to pig meat consumption. Only one thing, reduce it! Our forefathers who farmed animals did not start castrating pigs, cutting teeth and tails because they enjoyed torturing animals. They castrated, because many people do not like to eat boar tainted pig meat. Teething and tailing was to reduce damage caused by pigs on each other.    所以大家为啥不食用更多的猪肉,或许是由于滋味!!作为一个职业,咱们需求回忆人工养殖猪肉商场上咱们把自个放在了哪里。    So why are people not eating more pig meat, maybe taste! As an industry, we need to look at where we have placed ourselves in the market place for farmed meat.    另一端,咱们有廉价的,瘦的,经常是干柴并且没有滋味的肉,需求酱汁和调味料来调味。鸡肉和火鸡很成功地填补了商场的这有些。猪肉最差劲的推广方案之一是在美国,在那里猪肉被称为“特别白肉”。这只被英国的一项推广方案所逾越,旨在向大众标明,他们应当采购不吃肉类和骨粉的英国猪肉。这句标语是,“当母猪喂完她的小猪时,母猪不会被用来饲喂小猪们”。全部这类推广都是让大家问询吃猪肉,成果他们吃得更少。    At one end, we have cheap lean and often dry and tasteless meat, that needs sauce and flavouring to be tasty. Chicken and turkey fill this part of the market very successfully. One of the most ill-conceived marketing plans of all time was in America, where pork was branded as ‘the other white meat’. This was only surpassed by a marketing plan in the UK aimed at showing the public that they should by British pork that was not fed meat and bone meal. The slogan, ‘when the sow has finished feeding her piglets she will not be fed to them’. All this type of marketing does is make people question eating pig meat and as a result they eat less.    在另一端,规划的另一端咱们有优异牛肉。对很多人来说,牛肉是关于特别场合的一件奢侈品。    At the other end, other end of the scale we have prime beef. For many people, a luxury item for special occasion.    猪肉的方位在哪里?今日,意外的是,跟鸡肉差不多。在很多饭馆的菜单上,适当低的本钱并且往往是没有滋味的商品是没有特色的。当然,也有猪肉的成功故事。例如培根。没有人能从任何别的的肉中从头创造出滋味像培根那样酥脆的熏肉!这是素食者回归肉类的榜首件事!    Where does pig meat sit? Today, sadly nearer to chicken. A lowish cost dry and also often tasteless product that does not feature on many restaurant menus. Of course, there are pig meat success stories. Bacon for example. Nobody can recreate from any other meat something that tastes as good as a crispy rasher of bacon! It is the number one thing that vegetarians revert back to meat for!    一份完美大理石斑纹的猪排煎至五分熟(中心有些为粉色),跟你能买到的任何牛排相同好。它不只甘旨可口,并且出产本钱更低。出售像牛肉相同甘旨的猪肉,但以略微低一点的本钱,似乎是添加生猪肉类花费和报价的显着路径。    A well marbled pork steak cooked medium (pink in the middle) is as good as any beef steak you can buy. It is just as juicy and tasty, but with a much lower cost of production. Marketing pork as tasty as beef, but at a slightly lower cost seems the obvious way to grow pig meat consumption and price.    当然,推广一件商品意味着它实际上有必要到达预期的规范。加裕公司作为一家育种公司,在寻求非常好的猪肉质量方面是绝无仅有的。关于咱们职业的大有些如今依然如此(了解咱们不添加猪肉花费量)肉质的丈量是更薄的背膘。咱们的花费者正在清楚地通知咱们,这并不是促进他们采购更多猪肉的要素。    Of course, marketing a product to be something means it actually has to come up to the standards expected. Genesus as a breeding company is unique in its pursuit of better meat- eating quality. For most of our industry still today (understanding we are not increasing pig meat consumption) the measure of quality is lack of backfat. Our consumers are clearly telling us that this is not what will them to buy more pig meat    实在的食用肉质量是新鲜和甘旨。pH、肌内脂肪含量、剪切力都是对猪肉质量有积极作用的可丈量的要素。自1998年以来,加裕公司一向在丈量其杜洛克集体中的这些性状。几年来,加裕公司现已可以经过关于需求优异猪肉性质的特定商场(西班牙的伊比利亚火腿出产)来挑选父本。初次,猪肉质量如今是父系指数规范的一有些。    Real meat-eating quality is tenderness and taste. pH, intra muscular fat, shear force are all measurable factors that contribute positively to pig meat eating quality. Since 1998 Genesus have been measuring these traits within its Duroc population. For several years Genesus have been able to select sires with premium meat-eating quality for specific markets that require this (Ibirica production in Spain). For the first time, meat quality is now part of the standard Sire Line index.    基因公司不得不思考5年内商场的预期。多年来,加裕公司一向以为添加猪肉的出售需求优异风味的猪肉。这即是为啥在没有经济报答的情况下,股东们对丈量这些性状进行了多年的出资。    Genetic companies are having to look at where the market is expected to be in 5 years-time. For many years Genesus has believed that to increase pork sales requires superior tasting pig meat. That is why the shareholders have invested in measuring these traits for many years, when there has been no economic return.    商场现已说话了。它说,它将采购削减脂肪出产的瘦无滋味的猪肉,但它必定不会买更多的肉!美国很多屠宰场现已意识到这一实际,不再付出给养猪户去出产更瘦的猪肉。    The market has spoken. It says that it will buy the lean tasteless pig meat that reducing fat has produced, but it is certainly not going to buy more of it! In the United States many slaughter plants have realised this reality and no longer pay farmers to produce leaner pig meat.    商场会对滋味非常好的猪肉做出反响吗?如今全部的目标都是必定的,但时刻会证实全部。当然,持续坚持的更瘦型猪肉和更瘦型的路径并没有添加销量。    Will the market respond to tastier pig meat. Today all of the indicators are yes, but time will tell. For sure continuing down the leaner and leaner route has not increased sales.    一个简略的日子规矩。“假如你啥都不改动,那么啥都不会改动。”终究,作为养猪户,咱们的顾客是吃咱们出产的猪肉的花费者。屠宰场仅仅经过一道加工挣钱。超市想要在每平方米的货架空间取得最大化的出售和赢利。咱们的屠宰场和超市依然跟咱们要更瘦的猪。咱们的终端花费者说法不相同!    A simple life rule. ‘If you change nothing, then nothing will change’. Ultimately as pig farmers our customers are the consumers who eat the meat we produce. A slaughter plant makes its money doing a process. Supermarkets want to maximise sales and profit per m2 of shelf space. Our slaughter plants and supermarkets still tell us leaner pigs. Our ultimate consumers say different!  333.png    在国际猪肉饱览会上,加裕公司与《全国养猪农》联合发起了全球大型出产商方案。此项方案认可了具有逾越10万头母猪的全球出产商。    At the WPX Genesus in conjunction with the National Hog Farmer launched the Global Mega Producer Initiative.  The Initiative recognizes the Global Producers over 100,000 sows.    全球大型出产商名单    Global Mega Producer List11111.png33333.png
234.png  对于拱北口岸长期存在的各种乱象与恶疾,拱北口岸综管办坚持重典治乱、猛药去疴和标本兼治的准则,厚实展开严打治乱、定岗严控、群防群治、源头治本“四项常态化举动”。





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